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Ramen-san is an upbeat den of Japanese noodles and beer nestled in the Chicago River North dining district. We abide by three age-old principles:

Noodles make everything better.

Cold beer makes life more fun.

No one gets a room pumped up like Eric B. & Rakim

Partner -- and acclaimed Chicago chef -- Doug Psaltis and executive chef Marcelo Han, have created a menu emphasizing hand-made noodles and fresh seasonal ingredients. And though Tokyo’s lively ramen shops inspired them, they’ll make a few detours into the land of spicy Szechuan wings and steamed pork buns along the way. And true to the Japanese noodle houses, you’ll find Ramen-San offers a come-as-you- are, bring-who-you’re-with atmosphere—all set to a classic hip-hop soundtrack. (Ok, that’s our own American touch.) So whether you need a quick, but delicious lunch, a friendly after-work Chicago bar for a beer or sake, or a just festive place for friends to meet up for a night of River North cocktailing and noodle-slurping, Ramen-San eagerly awaits your arrival.